We are a Women's and Children's Charity and We Love The Arts

The Jarrett Foundation is a UK registered charity and we have a broad remit, which is simply “The Relief of Need, Hardship and Distress”.  We started out as a children's charity, but over the years we have developed into so much more.  We focus on three main areas - Children's Education, Women's Health  and The Arts.

Dr Pearl Jarrett


Group CEO & Disruptive Change Maker 

The Jarrett Foundation 

What Have We Been Doing?

As a children's charity, The Jarrett Foundation worked with UK Primary Schools, Local Authorities, Corporations, Churches, Hospitals etc. to recycle their furniture and resources. These included: school desks, school chairs, cabinets, cupboards, sports equipment, books, office desks & chairs, conference bags etc. 

We collected the items and shipped them to the developing world.  Every year UK schools refurbish and throw away items of furniture that have many good years of usage left in them.  The majority of the items we shipped were brand new and were just surplus to requirement, like the 27,000 brand new exercise books donated from Hertfordshire County Council, simply because the schools were now going to use exercise books with logos on the front.  

UK Schools


Primary schools from across London have donated furniture to our children's charity.  The desks and chairs would be transported to our warehouse where they would be sorted and cleaned.  

UK Local Authorities


Our children's charity has been donated thousands of items of brand new school resources from our friends at Hertfordshire County Council. 

UK Hospitals


We were donated brand new mattresses, sheets and pillow cases from Kings Hospital London and we kitted out a clinic in Sierra Leone, Africa. 

Brand New Resources


The Jarrett Foundation has a very strict quality control process.  We refuse many items into our children's charity if we feel we would not be happy to present them to the children. This is why most items we ship are brand new or nearly new. 

40ft Shipping Containers


We are very proud that as a small children's charity, The Jarrett Foundation has shipped 7 x 40ft containers. The containers have been sponsored by our friends at Barclays Bank.  

UK Landfills


Recycling of school furniture to our children's charity has solved problems for so many.  

UK Schools 

Their need to dispose of furniture    

Overseas schools

Their need for replacement furniture 

 The environment 

It does not end up in landfills 

Focus Areas

Children's Education


As a children's charity we feel that every child should have the opportunity to learn regardless of their financial background or circumstances.  This is why we will do all that we can to help facilitate their learning.  

Women's Health


We believe that living healthy is a basic requirement.  This is why we will do all that we can in women's health, particularly in the area of Fibroids. 



We believe that the creativity that comes from the Arts helps a person to advance in many other areas of their lives, like confidence. This is why we will do all that we can to help facilitate a creative lifestyle.  

Previous & Present Countries of Operation with a Focus on Commonwealth Countries

Below are the countries where the Foundation has worked as a children's charity in the past and where the Foundation works presently. 



Currently working in the UK in all three areas, as a children's charity, focusing on women's health particularly Fibroids, as well as The Arts. 



Currently working in Jamaica as a children's charity and championing women's health, particularly Fibroids. 

Sierra Leone


Has worked in Sierra Leone in the past as a children's charity.

The Gambia


Has worked in The Gambia in the past as a children's charity.

We Are Very Proud Of Our Achievements Over The Years. Here are just a few

Our Partners Over The Years