About Us

Dr. Pearl Jarrett - CEO

Dr Pearl Jarrett is a Philanthropist, Business Woman, Singer, Actress, Model, Wife, Mother of 3 children and Cancer Winner.

Pearl is known to her many many children all over the world simply as “mum”.

Pearl has always had a desire to work towards sustainable, lasting change in developing countries, so after beating Cancer in 2006 she decided to give up her well-paid consultancy and follow her dream.  Since that time, she has never looked back.  Helping to meet the needs of thousands of children around the world has been the most rewarding thing.   

Today Pearl is committed to using her contacts, resources, expertise, experience and creativity to make a significant difference in the lives of others all over the world.  She is particularly enjoying the work in Jamaica as she is able to give back to the country of her heritage.

Pearl is also extremely excited about championing the new fibroid campaign, particularly as she herself suffered with fibroids for many years.  This campaign will help women all over the world to experience life without fibroids and potentially go onto have their children without losing their wombs. 

Mission Statement

The Jarrett Foundation is a charity committed to reaching out and making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged women and children around the world, to assist in areas of Education, Women's Health and the Arts regardless of race, sex, or religion in a demonstration of the practical love of God

Some of Our Dedicated Team


The Jarrett Foundation is extremely privileged to have a dedicated, enthusiastic team of volunteers who share the passion of the charity.  They’ve worked tirelessly in both the UK and Jamaican warehouses and have also traveled with the Foundation at their own expense, to ensure that the resources get to their intended destination.  They know that this is not about us, but about the children.

This growing team lead by Dr Pearl Jarrett is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds, from school children to the retired and even a Pastor. The volunteers currently come from the UK, Jamaica and Holland. 



In The Beginning

Our first destination as a charity was The Gambia followed by Sierra Leone (Africa).  In Sierra Leone we worked with children who lived, worked and went to school on a rubbish dump.  


The children worked in the baking sun, digging with their bare hands, collecting pieces of metal that they would sell at the end of the day for 15 pence (19 US cents). 

As a charity we really wanted to see what we could do to make their lives a little better.  That's when we started to contact schools and corporations, and anybody in the  UK who would listen, and requested items that were of good quality, but were surplus to requirement, so that we could ship them to these children.  

We shipped, clothes, shoes, books, equipment and Bromley Football Club donated footballs and kit enabling us to kit out their football team.      

Bromley Football Club


Bromley Football Club proudly displaying the donated items to be shipped 

Newly Kitted Out Football Team


The newly kitted out football team, with kit donated from Bromley Football Club, made up of the young boys who live, work and go to school on the rubbish dump in Sierra Leone


70,000 Saved From UK Landfill

Currently we have diverted 70,000 tonnes of perfectly good school furniture and resources from being dumped into UK landfills 


Award Winning Charity

Over the years we have won awards for our work .  We do what we do because we love making a difference, but it is always so lovely to be recognised for our hard work.  

The International Management Team

Country Director - Jamaica, Pastor Daren Larmond


Ast Director - Jamaica, Craig Larmond


Executive Ast. UK, Cordelia Blair


UK Youth Volunteers


Its been wonderful to have the support of some very enthusiastic young people who have given their time to pack the containers for shipping.

UK Council Volunteers


We are very grateful for the support of Councils especially Hertfordshire County Council who's donations of brand new items have been invaluable.     

Jamaican Volunteers


We have an amazing group of volunteers where the operation is based in Mandeville, Manchester Jamaica.  They are lead by The Jarrett Foundation's, Country Director, Pastor Daren Larmond. 

London Office Volunteers


Dr Pearl Jarrett has been blessed to have volunteers in the charity from around the world, both Muslims, Christians and those of no faith working together, realising that this is not about us, but about the children. 

Jamaica National Vols


We are very proud to have partnered with the Jamaica National Foundation. They have supported our projects and we have conducted a joint project.     

Jamaican Warehouse Vols


Volunteers from the UK have traveled to Jamaica to join forces with the Jamaican volunteers to ensure that all the items get to their correct destination  

Volunteers from Holland - Sandy Fraats

Sandy works for Acist in Holland and she has fund raised for  The Jarrett Foundation on many occasions.  One year her and her colleagues donated their Christmas Bonus to the charity.  Then she came to Jamaica to assist with the distribution of the resources.